A400M Aircraft Performance and Capability

A400M is exceptionally and remarkably efficient aircraft. It has been designed to provide high strategic mission and tactical operations. Its speed is incredibly remarkable! It is almost as fast as turbofan powered transports with features which includes advanced aerodynamic design, high performance turboprop engines, coupled with four new generation, and 8-bladed propellers provide cruising speeds up to Mach 0.72 at 37 000 ft. A400M performance and capabilities are specialized in field performance, aerial delivery and air-to-air refueling. The aircraft’s landing capability is exceptional. It is able to land on soft grass fields over low plasticity clay and is able of unprepared landing operation due to unexpected condition too. It is excellent in both taking-off and landing which can require only a short length of run way.

In aerial delivery, A400M is capable of air dropping paratroops and equipment via parachute or gravity extraction. A single load up to 16 tonnes, or multiple loads up to 25 tonnes of total weight; 116 paratroops plus a wedge load of 6 tonnes. It can drop paratroops and cargo simultaneously by a nose-up attitude or by being manually dispatched. One magnificent characteristic of this aircraft is its quick conversion into a tactical tanker when air to air refueling is concerned. The flight envelope of the A400M allows it to refuel a wide range of aircraft and helicopters, at the altitudes appropriate to their missions. The refueling pods provides a fuel flow of up to 1200 kg/min and the centre-line pallet-mounted hose drum unit can provide a fuel flow of 1800 kg/min as well. The A400M offers air commanders and planners new levels of flexibility in the delivery of air power. A400M is indeed an efficient aerial tanker and a cost-effective way for air forces to acquire.

The A400M is one of the jet fighter in the world today.  Thanks to the participants of the development of the aircraft, it was pronounced as the most advanced military airlift of today, the age of war. The more amazing is that this airlift will probably be produced in East Asia, such as North Korea, China, Russia, and Japan–the powerful countries that are preparing for the upcoming war. It is not too much to say that the creation of this aircraft is a sign of the most dangerous war that could happen in the history of the world.