Trivia: Consistent AlliesĀ of the United States of America

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Battle cannot be won by one nation alone in these times. Gone are the days of the Romans or the Greeks that they have dominated, crushed and conquer nations with their own power and tactics. They can have more control before compared to the situation in this time. Allies are now important to winning a war. As many nations are now formed the allies can support one country when they thought that the principle in doing so is right and just. Sometimes allies suffer than the country they support.

But it is an agreement that was reached and should be maintained unless the country wants to suffer the consequences. The United States that was considered as a world leader also is not exempted. It has its own allies that support it especially in war. We will see some of the countries as some are big allies but others cannot have much help. The first ally is the country of the Philippines. Philippines and the United States have maintained a strong relationship since 1947 when they reach an amicable agreement to support each other.

Other countries who support the United States of America are Germany, France, Australia, Japan, Mexico, and South Korea and Israel. America has many battles and these allies have help the country in those battles. Surely their goal is to win but sometimes it takes more than what is expected. The web has many content of it.