The world’s biggest aircraft manufacturing companies

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When something amazing is manufactured and it performs its role amazingly great then you would also know who are behind the great product you have seen. With that same idea let us also see the manufacturing companies that make or create aircraft in the whole world. It is one of the profitable business at this time and even companies compete with each other. Aircraft made are different and it include the ones that are used for travelling for the public not just the ones that are designed for wars.

Then what are the companies that create aircraft? One of them is Airbus that puts its main office or their called headquarter in Toulouse country of France. Its nearest competitor is the company Boeing. It is already a famous known maker of not just jets for commercial use but also the ones for military use. It is based in the united states of america. Another manufacturer and one that also has a good record is the company Bombardier known for as a company for international transportation. Embraer is a company from Brazil. It is an established company that is considered as the competitor of Bombardier.

Embraer company is based in Brazil and having its headquarters in the area of Sao Jose dos Campos in  Sao Paolo. The fifth in the list is the Tupolev.  Air transportation was made easier and efficient because of these giant companies who did not fail. Everyone can enjoy their travel around the world, click this link. Thanks to their great and major contributions to our traveling needs.