The Threatening Air Battle in the Future

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The battle fields of the future will be more dangerous than ever in the 21st century. There will be threats to our freedom and security that never happened before, but will you be ready? Battles can occur on land and sea but they will not win without supremacy in the air. The incredible world of 21st century combat is that air power is the dominant strategy that led you to influence events and let you respond to events quickly.

This air power lets you fight a wall about putting hundreds of thousands of people on the ground. Today air force f-15 have more than one hundred fifty dog fights against enemy fighters without a single lose and the navy f-18 hornet is widely recognized as the world’s best carrier based fighter bomber. But in the future neither the f-15 nor the f-18 will be able to survive against deadly enemy. The anti-aircraft missiles surface to air missiles is going to represent the biggest threat most formidable systems.

This will have to be taken out of action by China or Russia very quickly in the future. Conflict fighter of the future will need to be stealthy to slip pass enemy radar. It must be able to take out anti-aircraft installations  and it must be like a dog fight with any enemy fighters get in the way, that future fighter is already here, the f-22 raptor which is the air dominance fighter of the 21st century developed by Lockheed martin. This advance tactical fighter has Been designed to be the first plane to cross enemy lines clearing the way for all other forces.