What are the countries best known for battle?

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Battle is a heavy word when what comes to your mind when you listen to it is wars and destruction or the lost of lives and suffering. We cannot deny what is the effect that a battle brings. We can witness it with our own eyes or we can see it in the news. Journalist and cameraman who risks their lives to deliver the up to date and realistic things that is really happening everyday. Thanks to them that we can be able to see the realities of this life. Sometimes it give us more stress  as it is not a good news to see but as part of the citizen of this world we must embrace this reality and seek and make action for the better.

Battles has many things, places, persons, weapons, planning and other factors that are involved and must be considered. It can involved many nations or the battle can be within the nation among different tribes having different cultures. It can take long time involving long years and months to count. Sometimes it can be centuries as it is a recurring battle.

Now, let us know the countries best known to be involved in battle. Vienna, Waterloo, Huai-Hai, Japan, Cajamarca, Antietam Leipzig, Stalingrad, Hastings, and Yorktown. They are countries that make the list with the criteria of those who made a strong influence in history. Moving away from battle this Click This Link will guide you to another website for your needs.