A400M Production and Features

The first complete A400 military transport aircraft rolled out remarkably! The new standard in military airlift for its both tactical and strategic capability. Before long, the A400M project has rapidly progressing from all aspects until it is finally completed. It is designed for a new airlifter European air forces with features such as electronic flight controls, automated handling system and carbon composite structure. A400M was created with high competitive materials and technology that are perfected in today’s civil aircraft fleets. A400M projects the most ambitious military procurement programme. The new aircraft which was presented stood out and brought new and excellent standards of operatibility, capability and safety to military aircrews.

The launch costumers are as follows: Belgium, France, the Republic of South Africa, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom Germany, Spain, Turkey and Malaysia. The best aircraft ever produced in Europe! The A400M is the first new military transport aircraft of its kind designed in around 30 years, with twice capacity and payload as that of the current aircraft. The loading capacity is up to 37 tonnes over ranges of up to 4700 nm. A400M is designed to carry all loads and vehicles in the European Staff Requirement (ESR) inventory. The ultimate characteristic of A400M and of which is best described is its versatility which can also act as an in-flight refueller for both fast jets and helicopters and serve as an aerial delivery platform. The head, the suppliers, the partners, national governments, all employees and everyone involved in the project were all thanked and congratulated for their efforts, hardwork and determination for the completion of the said project.